Saturday, 17 June 2017


It's time for an update!!!

1. Laser tag with the department
This was so much more tiring, and also more fun, than I expected!!! Us interns were initially dreading this, but I am really glad we went in the end :)

2. Liana's birthday surprise!
Not too sure if this surprised was considered a success. We asked the waiter to put a candle on our pizza, and tried to light it as Liana walked into the restaurant. As with all previous attempts at birthday surprises, it was a whole bunch of last minute preparations and awkwardness when it's time to execute the plan - although that is also the fun of it.

3. Met KH's friends!
New relationship milestone! Met kh's friends and had good food at Timbre. They were all really nice and very easy to talk to, and I'm glad everything went well! This was certainly less nerve-wrecking than meeting parents, heh.

4. Misadventure date
We were at Bugis today and didn't know where to go next... so we went on a misadventure date! You basically hop onto a random bus and see where it takes you.

Bus 133 brought us to Shenton Way. We planned to sit till the end and just alight at the interchange... but as it turns out, the very last stop was supposed to be a bus stop. And so we missed the last stop and only alighted when the driver parked his bus. He was quite annoyed at us, oops.

Kh was trying out his new camera + trying out Premiere Pro, so I became the subject of his videos... I AM SO CAMERA SHY LOR IT WAS SO DIFFICULT FOR ME. His skills are wasted on me, seriously. Otherwise he would be the ideal Instagram boyfriend hahaha.

I like the scene at the end with the watermelon cushion! (p.s. watch in HD)

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