Sunday, 1 January 2017


As with every year, it's time for a review of the 12 months that have gone by. This year felt incredibly long, and anything before August felt like it happened last year.


After interning for six months, this was the year I went back to school.

I expected a tough transition back to NUS life but surprisingly, internship might have helped me with school. With real-life experiences, concepts taught in class became easier to understand. Assignments also felt more manageable after surviving internship.


This summer, I finally flew to Australia to visit Yaxue!

It was my first time taking the plane alone and I loooved it. I've always liked going to the airport, but the freedom of being alone made it even better.

I also spent a day in Sydney on my own and thoroughly enjoyed the alone time. It was so refreshing to just have brunch at a nice cafe or wander about the weekend market, all by myself.

What I really liked was being able to go at my own pace, to wherever I wanted. I can aimlessly stroll about Circular Quay and make several rounds without having to worry about boring anyone.

I keep fighting this urge to fly to Australia alone again, heh.


My second destination of summer 2016 - South Korea!

It was quite an impulsive decision to go, but I am really glad I did. Living in Korea for six weeks was fun. I was surrounded by good food and got to take interesting classes at Korea University.

I was so overwhelmed when I first landed, being in this foreign land where people spoke a foreign language. But it was quite easy to settle down, and this 路痴 even went shopping alone without getting lost!

I do miss Korea very much, and I definitely want to visit again someday.


Ah, the camp that was mired in much controversy.

It was a tough journey trying to come up with games, scouting for Amazing Race locations, getting burnt from the days spent at Palawan Beach or Botanic Garden.

This experience got me reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses, and seeing others in action taught me how I can be a better leader and fellow team member.

Despite all the criticisms flung around the Internet, by people whose knowledge of the actual situation might be questionable, I have absolutely no regrets joining the organising committee.


Well, this was an interesting one, especially when you throw dating apps into the mix.

I have never been more impulsive than I was this year, and despite the bad and frankly stupid decisions I have made along the way, I have no regrets. I've learned a lot about myself in dating/relationship situations - how I'm like, what I want and what I need.

Perhaps it was these experiences that got me where I am today, and that's not a bad thing after all.

>>> GOALS FOR 2017 <<<

Last year, I set the following goals for 2016:
  • Be happy (i.e. be less uptight and stop worrying unnecessarily)
  • Read more
  • Exercise more
To be honest, I don't know how much of those I achieved. It is hard to keep track and quantify them.

I still constantly remind myself to worry less and be less uptight. I am still trying to overcome the inertia to read or exercise more. I even set a daily reminder to exercise, although I ignore it more often than not.

I guess nothing much has changed, and these remain my goals for 2017.

In 2017, I will try to:
  • Worry less
  • Be less uptight and more easygoing
  • Read more (at least 5 books?)
  • Exercise more (at least 3 times a week?)
  • Have a healthier sleep cycle (sleep before 2am, wake up by 10am?)
  • Have a healthier diet (eat more vegetables, snack less)
As you can tell, I am trying to be more specific with my goals. Also, the general theme seems to revolve around improving my mental and physical health.

2017 will be a scary year because it will be my final year in school. That means double the job hunt: once for summer internship and another for a full-time job.

Regardless of the ups and downs, I hope it will be a fulfilling year ahead :)

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