Friday, 20 January 2017


Happy belated birthday to me! For my birthday, I got... A VIRAL INFECTION!!!

Sore throat, high fever, runny nose and cough. I am thoroughly impressed by the amount of mucus I am capable of producing.

That aside, the 16th was a happy day! Emerged from tutorial only to be ambushed by these sweet/suite mates, with my fave strawberry shortcake, a helium balloon and a virtual candle.

Our smiles were frozen cos the guy took forever to take the photo, hahaha.
I was so amused by the virtual candle. AND THE BALLOON. It attacked several people on the bus, oops.

Hung out in Dawn's suite for a bit, then went to meet kh for dinner.

Nothing crazy or extravagant, but that's how I like to spend my birthdays (▰˘v˘▰)

Ok, end of the quick update! Back to nuaing in bed and coughing till I get abs.

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