Thursday, 12 January 2017


12 days into the new year and I am tired already.

2017, please be good.

It's going to be a scary semester ahead. All my classes deal with topics so foreign to me. I am hunting for internships, which is always daunting and at times demoralising.

Then again, I wouldn't grow if I don't venture out of my comfort zone. So...

2017, BRING IT ON.


School aside, life has been pretty good!

海底捞 and Dal.komm Cafe with the CNNY excos. Reunited with the suite now that Andy is back from exchange. Met up with some T4 friends.

Dal.Komm Cafe! Food was alright. Place was packed on a public holiday.

We were struggling to fit everyone's face into this photo.

I also cycled at Punggol for the first time! We started at Punggol Point Park and stumbled upon Coney Island. Such healthy lifestyle, hehe.

I was a noobshit who kept struggling with my bike.

Eve vs Bike part 2.

I thought this photo was quite cute, heh (◍•ᴗ•◍) *shy*

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