Saturday, 11 June 2016


NUS Arts Camp 2016 is happening in a week's time!!!

My life has pretty much been taken up by all the preparations, from precamp to recce to simply hanging with some of the ocomm people. It's a good kind of busy :)

Some photos from precamp beach day:
Team Amazing Race!

I kept ruining the jump shots cos I kept jumping with one leg...?

The sky was so pretty!

Hahaha sudden inspiration for a tumblr-worthy photo while waiting for mass game to start

And these 3 consecutive photos look so pretty on my Instagram feed! #tumblr #basic #wehartit

And other random crap with the Amazing Race team:
Jieyin's ridiculously cute cat. I have overcomed my fear of animals. Thank you meow meow.

And I took this random shot when we went to recce Botanic Garden cos I thought this place looked cool.

Okay, I am too lazy to talk much, and I assume people are too lazy to read the words anyway, so that's all for now ~

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