Thursday, 12 May 2016


Got back from Australia last night and I am missing the land down under already :( Since I visited Melbourne and Sydney, I shall update them separately!

- Warning: photo spams ahead -

First of all, Emirates was bloody shiok! The flight to Melbourne was amazing. Surprisingly yummy plane food, having three seats all to myself and catching the sunrise from above the clouds.


Sunrise + clouds = pastel skies

I didn't do a lot of super touristy sight-seeing stuff since I just stayed in the city.

Melbourne's GPO

So Yaxue brought me to the big H&M, which is located Melbourne's GPO.
Melbourne’s GPO is located in heart of Melbourne’s CBD and is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Previously the General Post Office, the heritage listed building now plays home to H&M, along with a selection of amazing eateries, Larsen Jewellery and Absolutely Altered and Tailored.
She said this is one of those spots that people always Instagram, hahaha.
I went there just to take photos, cos the clothes weren't particularly special or cheap. Such an Instagram addict, tsk.

Flinders Street Railway Station
Flinders Street is the busiest suburban railway station in the southern hemisphere, with over 1500 trains and 110,000 commuters passing through each day. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, its 708-metre main platform is the fourth longest railway platform in the world.
This looks so majestic, especially when compared to our MRT stations. AND WHY IS AUSTRALIA'S SKY ALWAYS SO PRETTY??!

Donwoori Korean BBQ Restaurant

This was a very un-touristy meal, but omg this is the best Korean BBQ I have ever had. Their beef bulgogi was my favourite.

They cook the meat with charcoal. Not sure if it made the food taste better or if my logic is flawed, heh.
Okay, this was located next to Queen Victoria Market, so I guess it was a teensy bit touristy.

You can read more reviews here.

Market Lane Bar

We went to the bar at InterContinental because Gary and their friends worked there, so we had free cocktails.

I had high hopes for this but according to Chris, the new bartender didn't make it very well? Doesn't matter to me, it was chocolatey so I liked it anyway.

I think this was called Chocolate Delight or something.
Crazy rich and decadent chocolate mousse, paired with Mövenpick raspberry sorbet. Super indulgent but I felt less sinful because it was free, heh heh >:)

Chris ordered the Sticky Date Pudding and went crazy over it because it was just that good. They served it with fried ice cream on the side, which I think is enough of a reason to order it if you ever visit that place.

Queen Victoria Market

Since Yaxue lived right next to the market, I decided to explore alone for a bit. To be honest, there was nothing much to see or buy? Just lots of tourist souvenirs and organic produce.

I thought this looked quite pretty though!


And since Melbourne is known for its good coffee and cafe culture, I just had to visit a hipster cafe. Krimper was located along an alley, which already gave it extra hipster points.

Our hipster food, hehe. 
Gary ordered the Bao-nedict, which he said was very good! It has stout braised pork, spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise. I think it's basically a fusion of kong bak pau with Eggs Benedict.

My french toast
This has pavlova, caramelised peach, vanilla honey mascarpone, dulce de leche, candied pecans (I didn't find any pecans on my plate leh, 跑到哪里去?) Everything was really yummy, especially the honey mascarpone! But omgosh this dish was way too sweet - probably best to share with someone.


I have been looking forward to this ever since I saw it on Instagram!!!

Nutella Swirl. They dig a hole in the ice cream and fill it with Nutella, yumz.
This tasted like the Nutella ice cream from Island Creamy, but it's smoother cos it's gelato! Quite a generous portion for $4, I'd say.

Dock 37

This was some random dinner at the Hilton hotel, cos they bought the Groupon deal. It's located next to the Crown Melbourne Gas Brigades and Yarra River, so they view is pretty nice :)

Wilderness Beef Tenderloin. Juicy beef and cheesy risotto!
Pana Cotta. This was kinda meh
Around $40 for entrée, sides, main course, dessert and wine. Quite value for money I think! My main course alone already cost $42, hehe.

- end of Melbourne post -

I think it is quite obvious that I cared about food more than anything else this trip (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

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