Sunday, 24 April 2016


AKA supposed-to-study-for-finals-but-zero-studying-was-done week.

Managed to rush out an ugly brochure + two webpages for NM3217, all within 3 days. Not sure if I should be proud of my accomplishment or ashamed of my extreme procrastination.

Talking about assignments is boring, so here's some pictures of food and other stuff instead.

Itacho Sushi


This was some udon in mentaiko sauce. Not bad, but the sauce gets sickening after awhile.

Merely Ice Cream

I was alone and I ordered 2 scoops. Holy crap the ice cream is super gao and they were very generous with the portions, so I had difficulty finishing it. This is a good complain, haha.

NParks Concert Series in the Park: Rockestra

Went to watch Derek and his band perform today!

Pretty sunset (blocked by HDB flats, so I'll take what I can get)

Love the sunset backdrop

It was super humid, but it wasn't too bad for free entertainment and good music!

And so my reading week was spent rushing assignments, eating and watching a concert.

Time to study for finals!!! More than 10 chapters, 4 days to study. Good luck eve. Final hurdle of the semester!!!

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