Sunday, 6 December 2015


I am so crazy tired right now and my annoyingly persistent headache is killing me, so here's a quick post!

1. Shopping as though I poop money

I have been buying so much shit lately, I don't even know why. Am I very stressed and in need of retail therapy?

One day after work, I felt like avoiding the rush hour jam and so I decided to walk around Plaza Singapura for awhile. I ended up buying this lilac backpack from JRunway -_-


I also bought lots of clothes, a pair of shoes, face wash, face mask and a lipstick. It doesn't end there, because I have more things in mind that I am going to get next week.

In the words of The Mask,

2. YouTube binge

I have been bingeing on YouTube videos lately, specifically those by clothesencounters!!!

Favourite YouTuber ever. She has an amazing sense of style, her videos are always so well-taken and edited, she is quirky and unlike many "influencers", she has an impeccable range of vocabulary.

Watching her videos got me wanting more clothes, like this Harrington Jacket

A photo posted by Jenn Im (@imjennim) on

And this egg polo tee (which is sadly out of stock)

A photo posted by Jenn Im (@imjennim) on

3. Daphy's birthday

Went to Daphy's 21st birthday party today, so it was the seventh time this week that I am at MBS. HA HA HA my life.


Yay love you guys ^_^

Oh btw that cake there is from The Artisan's Apron AND IT IS A FUCKING SCAM. It costs over $100 and the only edible portion are the yellow and orange flowers. They are merely teeny weeny cupcakes that you can finish in one bite. And they only cover the surface of that sphere. There is no cake underneath the surface, and no cake at the lilac base. The entire sphere is just a huge sponge, the type that people use for flower arrangement. Basically, NOT EVEN WORTH $50 LET ALONE OVER A HUNDRED BUCKS.

We spent 20 minutes playing with our reflection.

4. Other random crap

Took this a week ago, because I just really want my life to be like this. Colouring, drinking tea and watching Friends. I am so burnt out from work.

Every day needs to be like this.

I love having lots of time for myself to just chill, colour, watch shows, read books, go shopping alone, roam around town, walk around Singapore aimlessly and relying on my gut instincts to not get lost, taking photos of all the random stuff that amuse me as though I am a tourist, with nothing to stress about.

Perhaps being back in school would be a good break from this structured working life. Apart from lectures and tutorials, the rest of my time would be up to myself to plan. That seems nice.

I was talking to Dor today about how I feel like I would much rather have a job with flexible working hours. I don't like every single day to be the same, and I don't like extremely fixed structures and hierarchy.

Jenn Im/clothesencounters' life seems pretty damn awesome. Sadly, I only like blogging about whatever I like whenever I like, so being one of those "online influencers" is not an option (unless people actually care about the random crap I post). Also, I know nuts about beauty and fashion or any particular topic, unless people are interested in my mindless rambling.

This is starting to sound rather bleak, not knowing what to do with my life after graduation, and the fear of being stuck in a job that makes me unhappy and constantly burnt out.

Let's end off with another picture I took while strolling down the Helix Bridge, which by now probably has imprints from my shoes after I've walked there countless times.

Swirly skies #yesfilter #lotsoffilter #becauseaddingfiltersisfun

Off to try this Camomile, Honey and Vanilla tea that I bought. I have always found tea rather disgusting, like diluted perfumed water. But lately, I kinda like the idea of being a tea-drinking book-reading sort of hipster, ha ha ha. So let's give it a try.

Drinking coffee always makes me feel rather unhealthy, especially with that lingering aftertaste. I want to be able to drink warm beverages without feeling all bloated and heavy and icky. 

Drinking too much coffee also gives me that strange buzz, which keeps me awake but makes it difficult to focus on work. Happened way too many times back in Tembusu, when I go down to buy a frappucino from Starbucks at midnight. Sigh, those unhealthy habits.

I wish I could be a healthy person but I love junk food far too much, and I find salads disgusting.

Maybe I will magically develop healthy habits when I grow up (I refuse to acknowledge that I should be a grown-up by now).

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