Sunday, 13 December 2015


Took an off day on Friday and another two more half days next Monday and Tuesday. It's gonna feel like a blissful long weekend, oh yeah~

I have been stuffing myself silly with lots of food this week, so here's more food spams!

Curious Palette

Nichol wanted to try this cafe and so we did. I had no idea this cafe is related to Stranger's Reunion until I saw the articles about Save-a-Stranger.

curious palette berry ricotta hotcakes
The Berry Ricotta Hotcakes were pretty good, and I would say I prefer this to the one at Paddy Hills.

Most importantly, that white blob was ice cream instead of mascarpone. I love me some cold ice cream on warm cakes! And I did not think I would care for those sunflower seeds scattered all over, but they added a nice texture to the hotcakes. 

curious palette soft shell crab burger
Their Soft Shell Crab Burger was alright, but I was constantly comparing it with the one from Lepark. I prefer Lepark's take on the soft shell crab burger, with salted egg yolk sauce, meatier crab and best of all, the mantou bun!!!

Food-wise, I still have a soft spot for Stranger's Reunion because it is one of my favourite cafes ever. I rarely see the point in revisiting cafes since they tend to serve the same overpriced food, but Stranger's Reunion has such amazing waffles I would go back there over and over again.

curious palette
They had huge mirrors in the cafe, perhaps to make the place look bigger? Hee hee, 被我抓到了, sneaky interior design.

I loved how cozy the cafe feels, with the warm lighting and lots of big windows and mirrors. We trudged there in the rain and the moment I entered the cafe, I just felt like staying there all afternoon to read by a window while enjoying the rainy weather.

The rest of the day was spent shopping, and I ended up spending about $200. No thanks to Nichol, who gleefully encouraged me to buy something each time I hesitated.

To be fair, half that amount went to a pair of Nike Roshe One. I cannot believe I got myself a pair, because they seem like hipster shoes, but I have no sports shoes so it was about time I got one. They were super comfy as well, and hopefully match my outfits. The more versatile it is, the more it justifies my impulsive purchase. Maybe this will be motivation to exercise more next year? Ha ha, who am I kidding.

Tony Roma's

Met up with the CNNY exco on Saturday for St Games and dinner. Roamed around Orchard Central for a while because deciding on this place, and I am so happy because I have wanted to try this for the longest time!!!

tony roma's the original baby back ribs baked potato fries
The Original Baby Back Ribs was amaaazing. The ribs were soft and tender, the barbecue sauce was deliciously smokey and the baked potato was so soft and buttery. Five of us shared this, but I think I can wipe out that entire plate on my own.

tony roma's ocean feast
The Ocean Feast was alright. Nothing impressive. If I were to visit Tony Roma's again, I would just stick to the ribs.

O'ma Spoon

Just how many more times will I be visiting this place??!?! I was just here on Monday, oh my goodness.

I realised we eat bingsu every single time we meet up. Tom n Toms, One Ice Cafe and now this. They are my Bingsu Buddies now.

o'ma spoon omaspoon very berry bingsu matcha bingsu
Sigh this 臭 Minyi trying to photobomb my bingsu
Very Berry Bingsu was not bad, really sweet and milky with the occasional dried cranberry that was rather sour but provided a nice contrast.  I only stole a few spoonfuls of the Matcha Bingsu since I am not a fan of matcha, hee.

o'ma spoon omaspoon very berry bingsu
 And of course, the mandatory liquid-being-poured-over-dessert shot.

We were struggling to take a selfie and so a nice waiter offered to help us. I thought this was a really nice photo! I love the white bricks in the background.

To end off a rainy Saturday, I decided to pamper myself. Which called for:
  • Hot showers with Body Shop's bath lily loofah which lathered up lots of foam (that I can pretend is snow)
  • Palmer's cocoa butter lotion (which smells of chocolate)
  • A new Vanilla Spice candle from Cotton On (which smells just like the Vanilla Spice shower gel from an old Body Shop Christmas collection)
  • Very comfy Relaco lounge pants from Uniqlo
  • Snuggling up under my blanket with the air-con running as I type this
  • And the cherry on top, the rain!!!

On a side note, I need to stop with this home fragrance craze. All those candles and reed diffusers and essential oil burners... stop spending money, eve. Stop it.

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