Friday, 25 December 2015


'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la, la la la la *ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

johana basford enchanted forest
At 11:40pm last night, I was going to post this on Instagram but I ended up falling asleep instead, right then and there. So... I spent Christmas day sleeping like a pig and clocking in 18 hours of sleep in total.

Last week was full of work and meet-ups. I am so incredibly exhausted after going out for 7 days in a row, with 5 consecutive days in town. I hate the crowd and honestly, town is getting real boring these days.

Okay, time for a quick update!


Went to watch Mabel's play, which was really hilarious.

Yay good job Mabel! Also, that guy in the red suit behind us was one of the really epic characters who made me laugh so much, hahahahah.


Finally met up with Xing Xing! Always fun catching up with her, hearing about her life as a med student and talking about our non-existent love lives.

the sushi bar salmon aburi roll
Lunch at The Sushi Bar, which was amazing as always. My love for their Salmon Aburi Roll and Scallop Mentaiyaki will never fade.

Xing Xing suggested we wear our formal dinner dresses, so we were matchy-matchy in white that day. My too-short dress doesn't look very formal though, heh. I was feeling really insecure about accidentally flashing everyone, so my parka came in handy.


Met up with Jit because we wanted to try Cocoa Colony.

cocoa colony signature gelato amazonian liquid gold
Had their Signature Cocoa Colony Gelato with the Amazonian Liquid Gold. The ice cream tasted like peanut butter, and was really thick and gooey. I expected the chocolate sauce to be this thick chocolate fudge, but it just hardened and formed an indestructible shell instead. We had a hard time breaking it apart with our plastic spoons.


Met up with Maddy before she flies off for exchange! Had the usual Maddy favourites: Nam Nam and O'ma Spoon. Okay, both are my favourites too (*´꒳`*)

o'ma spoon mango cheesecake bingsu
Featuring my favourite bingsu at O'ma Spoon: the Mango Cheesecake!!! They always give generous portions of mangoes that go really well with the milky bingsu. I think this is an indulgence worth the occasional splurge.

We took lots of selfies in front of Orchard Centra's award-winning (ha ha) 'Icicle Xmas' decorations, and this was our most normal-looking photo...

...because the rest were just full of nonsense poses, ha ha ha.


Lunch at &SONS, followed by dinner with Nichol after work!

Ordered the Penne with Pork Cheek Ragu, which was way better than the carbonara I tried the previous time. The pork cheek was really creamy and cheesy, but it was not too jelat because the penne and tomato sauce balanced things out. I usually have problems finishing my entire meal, so it was a rare sight to see me diligently scraping every piece of food off my plate.

Rushed from work to meet Nichol for our yearly tradition of walking down Orchard Road at Christmastime while wearing our Santa hat hair clips.

It was late, we were hungry and every place that serves food seemed to be flooded with people. We ended up at PAUL since it looked rather empty, only to be greeted with such terrible service.

I think the waitress who took our order forgot all about our food. A more senior-looking waitress came to ask us who took our order, before making an accurate guess. I am guessing this was not the first time that waitress screwed up, for the senior waitress to ask such a question the moment she realises something went wrong.

We shared this dish with a French name I could neither pronounce nor remember. It was basically sea bass with a lemony cream sauce. I liked the fish and the button mushrooms.

We also shared a strawberry tart, which was really mediocre. I liked the crust, but that was all.

Overall, it was not a pleasant dining experience at all. Never going back there again.

We walked along Orchard Road and ended up at CHIJMES, although everything at the Christmas Market was closing by the time we reached. Nevertheless, the place looked really magical and had a really chill vibe, so we just sat a one of the benches to soak in the atmosphere.

Yay us in our Christmas hats this year!


AKA Christmas Eve. Half day at work followed by dental appointment and dinner with Daphy.

So yesterday, I stood at the end of the Helix Bridge to stupidly stare at the building for awhile, because I am an overly sentimental freak and could not help but think about how much I enjoyed my time there and how much I will miss this place when I leave. Eight more days of work left to go. I am savouring every bit of work I have to do.

Next up, dinner at Switch by Timbre to finally satisfy Daphy's cravings for their duck pizza.

Her Apple Martini tasted too artificial for her liking and my Mudslide was too diluted. I also dislike how their alcohol always tasted so strong and reminded me of rubbing alcohol. Every single trip to Timbre leaves me disappointed with their drinks.

switch by timbre roasted duck pizza truffle fries apple martini mudslide
The Truffle Fries were extremely addictive and impossible to stop at just one, although the mayonnaise had a strangely watery consistency. Their Roasted Duck Pizza was the same as always, with the popiah skin constantly stuck between my teeth and pricking my gums, pretty much undoing all the polishing done at the dentist earlier on.

Aaand this concludes my very tiring and busy week of rushing reports at work and rushing off to meet friends after work. I am socially exhausted and due for a recharge. Christmas and New Year's Eve are the only time for me to sleep in and have all the alone time I want and so desperately need.

I shall go pamper myself with a hair mask, body scrub and face mask (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )

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