Sunday, 20 December 2015


It is four in the morning and I am wide awake, so I guess it is time for a quick update about last week! Although I am sure the blue light emitted from my MacBook screen is not helping me fall asleep any sooner.

Baker & Cook

I have been hearing lots of good reviews about Tea Pigs recently and found out that Baker & Cook serves them. Decided to give it a try as part of my quest to like tea.

I tried the peppermint tea and roobois creme caramel, both of which I could not finish because I just hated how diluted everything tastes. My favourite was the tiny cube of brownie they serve with your tea.

My failed tea appreciation aside, the cafe was rather cozy to chill and read on a rainy weekend. There was a constant buzz of people but the place was small and had limited seats, so it was never too noisy or crowded.

Dazzling Cafe

Took half day leave on Monday and met up with Daphy! Thanks for making me feel tall every time we take photos ^_^

Finally tried Dazzling Cafe, which has been on our radar since forever. After reading several unimpressed reviews, I went in without much expectations. The food turned out to be pretty good!

dazzling cafe classic honey toast
The Classic Honey Toast was really yummy! Ice cream, toast and honey can't really go wrong, can it? I just wished there was more toast, because the crust was barely edible and so the portions ended up being quite little.

dazzling cafe strawberry ice cream waffle
I liked the Strawberry Ice Cream Waffles as well. As usual, the ice cream + waffles combination never disappoints and the strawberries were slightly sour, which balanced out the sweetness. Their mochi waffle was chewy, which gave it an interesting texture.

I think I preferred this to the honey toast because the whole cold + hot + sweet + sour + chewy combination gave it more personality. Which worked out well, since Daphy hates sour stuff and preferred the honey toast.

dazzling cafe mentaiko fries
I thought all that dessert would be overwhelmingly sweet and so we got us some savoury Mentaiko Fries to balance things out. I am so glad we ordered this! The fries alone were really good, but the mentaiko sauce made it even better. I think this is subjective though, and not everybody would like it. I love those fish roe you find on sushi, so this was really addictive to me.

They had a free photobooth that day, and the auntie in me was so excited for free photos!!!

And now, for random scenery that fascinated me.

Happened to be at Beauty World the other day and noticed that the view from the hawker centre was quite pretty!

And my stroll across the Helix Bridge after work led to lots of photos once again. I was particularly intrigued by the clouds that day. What little life I must have, to be so easily impressed by clouds. I would, however, prefer to view it as an ability to find joy in simple things ^_^

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