Friday, 11 December 2015


Work has been rather eventful lately, so here's a photo dump of events that happened recently:

Singapore International Film Festival

Red carpet at the SkyPark

Omg all that facial hair

Blurry photo of Michelle Yeoh

Badly taken photo of the sexiest man alive


Brought some beneficiaries to watch the wheelchair basketball finals, and it was so exciting!!!

I never found basketball interesting, and did not expect to be so interested in the match. Watching them zoom around in their wheelchairs and bounce back up when their wheelchairs overturned just left me in awe.

I kinda regret not watching the other APG matches, because this was quite a rare opportunity. It's held in Singapore and it's free. And I think it is so much more interesting and inspiring than normal sports events.

Also, I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it.

I wanted to cry when I first watched it, but I hate crying in public especially when I was around my colleagues and the beneficiaries. Last night, I watched it again in the privacy of my own room and I really did cry (for just one second), ha ha.

The video is so well done, I am extremely impressed!


We had a Secret Santa gift exchange yesterday, followed by Christmas lunch at Mozza!

Don't know if it's fate or what, but Clement turned out to be my Secret Santa, ha ha ha ha ha.

And now for photos of fooood, because it is not every day I get to eat at a celebrity chef restaurant.

And here are some random photos I took at work while running errands a while back, hehe.

Me and Clement were randomly taking a photo of the theatres while waiting for someone from another department. She was probably judging us when she saw us being so boliao.

As much as I feel sian and burnt out at times, I know I will miss this internship when it is over. 

I think I will cry on my last day of work because I am extremely sentimental and I know I will definitely miss everyone :'(

4 weeks left. I shall make the most of my remaining time there.

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