Saturday, 19 December 2015


Or, squeezing with roughly half of Singapore's population just to see lights and foam bubbles.

This year's Christmas Wonderland seemed so much more hyped up than last year, but everything seems to be the same. Same lights, same Garden Rhapsody light show. And I really detest crowds, so going on a Friday night was not the best idea.

Still, it was a fun night of taking photos, eating good food and randomly singing Christmas songs.

gardens by the bay christmas wonderland 2015

gardens by the bay christmas wonderland 2015

gardens by the bay christmas wonderland 2015

the dutch pancake store
We had the best pancakes ever from The Dutch Pancake Store!!!

the dutch pancake store
Look at these tiny morsels of heaven!!! Each bite-sized pancake was so fluffy, they were really generous with the maple syrup, and that chunk of butter was so yummy! I usually find butter rather disgusting, but this one was pleasantly sweet. I could not stop shovelling these into my mouth; I literally devoured each pancake in just one bite.

the ice cream & cookie co
We were eyeing the ice cream & cookie co. the moment we saw it.

the ice cream & cookie co
I chose the cookie butter flavour, although I could not taste much of the cookie butter. This was not bad, but I would pick the pancakes if I only had space for one dessert.

We went to The Future of Us exhibition as well, but it was quite boring. Also, admission is free but you need to book your free tickets here.

Those clouds just look like moldy poop floating in the air.

We amused ourselves by taking random photos...

...and grainy selfies.

'twas a fun night, mostly because of the company. Got lots of photo-taking tips from this ex-Visual Media intern, hehe! "You must tap on the brightest part of the photo!" "Hold the food this way" ha ha free photography lessons. 

Looking forward to Cocoa Colony on Monday!

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