Saturday, 7 November 2015


Spent my Saturday going to a hipster flea and having hipster food for lunch at a hipster location with a hipster friend △▽△▽

Esther jio-ed us to the Big n Breezy Art Bazaar, which is this "chatuchak-style" flea market featuring regional brands and located next to the level 5 carpark of People's Park Complex. I don't think you can get more hipster than this.

It got really humid and stuffy at one point, but I am super happy with the good food and shopping from today, and I guess a little perspiration never hurts anyone.

Esther and I were in search of lunch but we didn't see any booths selling food, so we ventured one floor up and found...


Lepark at People's Park Complex, ha ha ha.

This tapas bar and restaurant has one of the most hipster locations in Singapore:

I quite liked the interior of the place! It has this kitschy industrial vibe to it.

Heehee spastic fries.

And all the crates. So many crates everywhere.

And most importantly, the food was good.

We shared the Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell crab & Cake Slider and Chunky Spam Fries with Truffle Mayo, and I would gladly go back for seconds.

Such greasy but yummy junk food.
The Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell crab & Cake Slider was better than I expected. I usually dislike soft shell crab because they are always full of shell with barely any meat, but this was actually quite meaty!

And on my second last bite, it suddenly occurred to me that those were not mini burger buns - THEY WERE 馒头!!! I am ashamed it took me so many bites to figure that out.

Holding up my spam fries for the hipster factor.
The Chunky Spam Fries with Truffle Mayo were really good as well, mostly because of the ah-mazing truffle mayo!!!

I abhor mayonnaise because it is so oily, tasteless and has a strange jelly-like consistency. But this truffle mayo is no ordinary mayo. The taste of truffles was not overpowering or pungent, and went so well with the chunky, crispy spam fries.

Oh, and if you look at the previous photo, the spam fries are indeed chunky. In fact, they look like chicken wings to me. I would believe you if you said they were 虾酱鸡.

The only regret buy was the cider.

Fucking overpriced bottles of disappointment.
Esther's pear cider was $12 and my apple cider was $14, and I think they were mediocre at best. I was thirsty and thought it would be a good idea... how wrong I was.

They tasted just like Somersby ciders but cost twice as much. I don't even like Somersby because their apple cider tastes just like Pokka's sparkling Fuji apple juice, so paying $14 for this was just ridiculous.

Unimpressive drinks aside, it was a good meal and I loved the vibe of the bar. It is a great place to just chill and hangout.

Continued shopping after lunch and never would I expect myself to go to a flea and emerge with a swimsuit, but I did.


We stumbled upon this swimsuit stall with the cutest name ever - APRILPOOLDAY. The store is from Thailand and they sell retro-looking swimsuits and I love it.

I have not owned a swimsuit since I was 12, and I cannot seem to find any to my liking. I stay away from revealing swimsuits since there is not much worth revealing and I would feel insecure about wardrobe malfunctions, but the less revealing ones tend to look like a swimming instructor's swimsuit. Aprilpoolday's swimsuits seem to strike the perfect balance between comfortable and flattering.

The shop owner was really nice as well! She let us try the swimsuits in the washrooms, which was why I considered buying them in the first place.

Esther got the Tennis cut in red, I got the Volleyball cut in black. Since I don't want to post photos of myself in a swimsuit, here are some photos from their Facebook page instead.

Hopefully this motivates me to go swimming one day, heh.

And that concludes my very happy hipster Saturday ~(˘▾˘)~

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