Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Last weekend was a good weekend filled with lots of good food and shopping!

Tried La Petite Cuisine with Mabel last Sunday and it was not bad! They serve French food at affordable prices; think Saveur but just a teensy bit more expensive.

The restaurant is really family-friendly, no-frills and unpretentious - I love it. They even have this super adorable moustached chef who comes out to greet the customers ( ˙灬˙ ) He looks like a very kindly grandpa, aww.

Our meal came with free rolls of bread, and even the bread was really good. I think that says a lot about the rest of our meal.

Mabel and I shared the escargot with croissant and salad and it came with the fluffiest croissant ever. I would go back again for this.

This was the favourite part of my meal.

I ordered the Confit de Canard after reading so many reviewers rave about it. The duck was not bad, but the best part about this dish was the potato gratin!!! The potatoes were perfectly cooked and so creamy and buttery (*´ڡ`●) Mabel kept stealing them from my plate because they were just that good.

Go there for good food, not for Instagram-worthy presentation.

And here's a random photo of Mabel because she decided to stop in the middle of an overhead bridge to look at the drain, hahahahaha.

"I like to look into the drain to see if there are fishes", said Mabel.

I have been spending so much money lately, with all the food and shopping. I might start selling my crap on Carousell just to earn back some moolah. Let's hope I don't meet shitty, annoying buyers.

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