Saturday, 1 August 2015


Looks like I will only be updating my blog on a weekly basis, now that work is draining me and I just want to watch Friends and play Soda Crush once I'm home.

Anyway, it was my one month work anniversary on Wednesday, yay!   ҉*\( ˘⌄˘ )/*҉ 

Work is not very tough (yet?), but it's still tiring to stare at a computer screen all day. My main gripes are the excruciatingly slow computer and annoying traffic.

That bloody computer slows down every single morning, when I have to rush news briefs by 9:45am. I am pretty sure it's doing this on purpose to spite me (thank you proxy and shockwave plugin for being a burden).

And the traffic. Oh my goodness, the traffic. 

On Monday, there was no traffic jam at all and I reached work surprisingly early (7:30am wtf). Why? Because there was no school that day. Which was when I realised, 20 minutes of my life every single work day is spent being stuck in a jam caused by all the parents dropping their kids off at SCGS and ACS. Grr.

Also, I hate peak hour traffic jam so much that I'd rather stay back at work till the jam has subsided. Sometimes, I am very tempted to find a job that lets me work from home.

Life is too precious to be spent stuck in traffic or waiting for incompetent technology to get its shit together.


Monday was a good day! Because there was no traffic jam, and also because I decided to grab some coffee from SweetSpot since I was 30 minutes early for work. 

After working for a month, I finally realised how great their coffee was.

sweetspot iced mocha
Iced Mocha that cost me about an hour's worth of pay.

I am a complete coffee noob, but I thought it was better than Starbucks! Starbucks coffee is just so watered down in comparison. Also, I get 20% team member discount at SweetSpot, hehe.

The first time I tried Starbucks' Iced Caramel Macchiato, I thought it tasted like drain water. It's now one of my favourite orders, but only because I ask for extra milk and caramel syrup.

Sigh, but Starbucks will always hold a special place in my heart for accompanying me through those mugging days in Tembusu. How I miss the 24-hour Starbucks located right below my room. 

Okay, I will stop here before I start reminiscing because then it'll never end.


Oh yes, this time last week was Da Night! AKA T4's drinking, clubbing and talking cock night.

More than 30 people turned up – T4 power siol (`へ´*)ノ

It was nice catching up with T4, especially seniors that I seldom see (and even a senior whom I've never seen before). Everyone spanned from freshies who have yet to start Year 1, to seniors who have graduated and are already working. That's like, 5 to 6 generations of us! 

I woke up for work at 6am and ended up reaching home the next day at 6:30am. Somehow, I managed to survive 24 hours, including 10 hours at work, with zero sleep. This is how I'll die early ꒰⁎×﹏×⁎꒱՞༘✡


Random nonsense:

So my mum decided to wash my Laneige BB Cushion's sponge applicator. The sponge looks like this:

(photo not by me, duh)

After washing off the BB cream, she got really horrified and asked me “为什么变成这样?!” and I just stared at her like "huh 怎样??".

Turns out, she thought the applicator was originally white. AND I SOMEHOW DIRTIED IT TILL IT TURNED ENTIRELY BLUE.

What the fuck man, hahahahahaha. I've never seen my mum this bimbo. Oh my.


Busy weekend ahead: CNM Society meeting and Rachel's 21st party tomorrow, then I have to report to work at 7:30am on Sunday.

I kinda wish I had more time to catch up on some much-needed sleep, but I actually like having my days packed with activities. This is probably why I enjoy camps so much despite the exhaustion.

Even at work, I love it when I have things to do beyond my daily chores. It keeps me occupied and I get to learn more, because otherwise I will just stagnate if I do the same thing every day.

But, I'm afraid I'll screw up and 越帮越忙, so I hesitate before asking for more work. Still figuring out where to draw the line between helping with work and being a burden.

Actually, even when I'm just doing my usual routine work, I realised I am also learning a lot about myself and how I am like in the context of a working environment. Lately, I've been giving more thought to the type of job and workplace culture I would prefer. Sigh, existential crisis ahead.

We shall see the end product when I emerge from this five months later.

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