Monday, 11 May 2015


I have been feeling so overwhelmed these days. End of finals, post-finals outings, ending my Tembusu chapter (the crying tires me out ha ha ha), moving back home, trying to tidy up my very messy room, dealing with one internship, suddenly getting another one, taking LOA next semester for an internship...

To think I was actually worried about having nothing to do this summer. Funny how things keep changing, from one internship to none to two.

What I've realised the past few days is that change is the only constant. I can't stay in Tembusu forever, or sometimes plans change along the way, but that's how life works. I'll just have to learn to roll with it.

Now I feel like I need some alone time for myself to reflect and take a breather.

Shall update this space when I finally deal with all of these!

Btw, why am I getting so many random viewers on my blog, where is everyone coming from? Okay some are easy to guess based on the country but oh man is everyone just bored after finals? Hello have fun stalking, I hope I don't bore you!

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