Saturday, 2 May 2015



I am losing steam, readings are too convoluted for me to comprehend, and I just want to slap myself left right centre for procrastinating so much and being this unproductive.

Some random stuff that have been entertaining me during my bouts of distraction (ok actually I was distracted most of the time I attempt to study).

01. WHAT FOREIGN WORKERS IN SINGAPORE THINK ABOUT YOU S'POREANS | Always find it intriguing to uncover the hidden communities and unsung heroes of Singapore. I know this is a small sample size, but I find it rather heartwarming to know that they are happy working and living in Singapore, love the food and feel safe here :)

02. OUR LOVE STORY/HOW WE MET/MARRIED AT 22 | This person's blog entry about how she met her husband in secondary school and got married at 22. I think it's so cute reading about secondary school puppy love, aww. Life was so much less complicated in the past. Brings me back to my secondary school days and all those crushes and 暧昧 incidents, hehe.

03. The most Googled products in every country in one crazy map | Reminds me of NM2302, oh my. When you superimpose the space of flows with the space of places. Singapore's most Googled term is 'maid'. Hmm.

04. 50 Timeless Pieces Of Advice About Love & Relationships | Lots of thoughtcatalog stuff are bullshit, but this one was not too bad. I don't agree with every single piece of advice, but reading this together with the benefit of hindsight made me realise all that mistakes I need to learn from. We accept the love we think we deserve, and I should never allow myself to settle for anything less, ever again.


If you fall asleep down by the water / Baby, I'll carry you all the way home
This song came on when I was watching Gossip Girl. Feels.

One of my favourite songs since JC till now :')

It's just another film that won't get made
Another one of my favourite songs since JC.

My mind has been rather cluttered recently, with all these thoughts that make me feel rather conflicted. Things of the past, do I suppress the emotions or do I confront them? Do I let the past remain in the past, or do I still deal with it hoping that it would settle things for good, once and for all? Not sure if all these inner conflicts arise because studying gets boring and my mind wanders, or if it's because of other circumstances.

I am really curious to know. Do people ever fully get over their past? I find it very impossible. Things from your past shaped who you are today, which makes them inherently a part of you that can never be shaken off. I believe all you can do is learn from the past and deal with it. But how do I deal with it such that I am able to move forward?

This calls for plenty of reflections and introspection once finals are over.

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