Friday, 15 May 2015


It's been a week since finals ended! It actually feels much longer, and I don't even remember what it's like to be in school anymore, heehee.

Some updates of my post-finals life because I like to read old entries and recall all the things I did (hi future me)!

Last day of finals

Went for a midnight supper run since finals are over and I no longer have to worry about waking up early to study, whoop whoop!

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge
G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge

Eventually ended up at West Coast Park when it was five in the morning, which means macs breakfast!!!

West Coast Park McDonalds breakfast
I can never say no to macs breakfast.

Wah Chee with Machiavelli

Okay, no photos because I was eating the same thing as I did a week ago. 

Anyway, it was Zen and Haozhe's first time at wahchee, omg??!?! How can you live in Tembusu for a year and not step foot into wahchee?! I am honoured to have witnessed their virgin wahchee experience.

Somehow decided that we should be more unhealthy and ended up at Star Vista to get dessert. Milkcow's Star Vista outlet was open, *~yay~*! I love Milkcow so much, definitely superior to Honeycreme.

Suite outing

Our very bittersweet suite outing (bittersuite outing? Ok bad pun don't kill me I'm sorry).

First stop, Yoshimaru Ramen Bar. They had this 1-for-1 ramen discount if you pay with DBS card, iirc. That's like $8 for a bowl of ramen, super value for money!

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar 1-for-1 DBS offer
So fun to grind the seaseme seeds even though I don't add it to my noodles.
Next up, dessert at Sunday Folks! (I need to stop having dessert, this can't be healthy)

Sunday Folks Vanilla Bean Waffle Soft Serve
Waffles with Vanilla Bean soft serve!
Finally got to try Sunday Folks, one place to strike off my food bucket list! The waffles were gooood, warm and sweet and fluffy on the inside. I am getting very hungry as I type this entry :(

Spontaneous decision to catch Cinderella, and the other level 7 suite was also watching it so yay, combined suite movie!

07-163 & 07-170
I wasn't expecting much from Cinderella, but it was such a feel-good movie that I was so happy after watching it. I am obsessed with this particular soundtrack now, it's just so magical I wish it could play in the background when amazing things happen in my life.

Had dinner in the dining hall to save money and also cuz it was our last dinner together in Tembusu :'( Sigh, told you this was a bittersweet day.

Last Tembusu dinner
I'll miss the food and dining hall auntie from the Malay stall!

Last breakfast

Had our last breakfast together before everyone moved out that day :( 

I keep taking photos of my last moments in Tembusu and they are unglam on purpose, because I want to capture my Tembusu life the way it really was, without any attempts to make it Instragram-worthy or whatever nonsense.

last Tembusu breakfast
Last breakfast in Tembusu :(

#07-163! :*

Teoheng and mookata

Rushed off after breakfast to meet the moomoos for teoheng! Everyone was running late so Louis was the only one sitting in the large Teoheng room and singing all by himself #lonelyboi. Looked damn funny hahahahaha but I shouldn't be laughing cos I was late too, heehee.

Had dinner at this mookata place called Oinkata, which was not bad! About $18.90 for student price, add $4 for free flow thai milk tea. I thought I was going to get normal milk tea, which only makes the thai milk tea even better.

I think we sat there for 2.5h, oinkoink. Satisfying mookata meal with the moomoos!

Smelly moomoos with flat and oily hair after soaking in mookata fumes.

Last night in Tembusu

Being the overly sentimental piece of shit that I am, I started tearing up on the way back to Tembusu because it was my last night in Tembusu. And then I started thinking about how it was my last time traveling back to Tembusu as my home, how the suite would be so empty because everyone has moved out, how I will never be living there with my suite mates anymore... :'(

My Tembusu life, all packed up in two hours.

Nope, not anymore.
Thought I would spend my last night in Tembusu being all sappy and crying in my room, but I got jio-ed for supper at Al-Azhar. Thanks guys for inviting me along and making my last night a lot less depressing!

Al-alzhar supper

First day of work

My internship has super flexible hours but I guess Monday (11 May) was technically my first day of work. Ended up at One°15 to tag along for some meeting. Such an atas place, and everything looks even prettier with the sunny weather! ☼

One degree 15
Maybe I'll be a rich taitai and live here one day *_*

Banana Tree Cafe

Had bingsu with Mabel at Banana Tree Cafe! Saw people Instagramming the food here and I could not resist. They had bingsu that looked like potted plants, omg?! How do you say no to that?

We shared the Pot Bingsu, which has shaved ice, red beans, milk, some crumbly peanut powder and what I think was peanut butter ice cream. The ingredients went really well together and the portion was HUGE, I think four people can share this.

Banana tree sg pot bingsu
Pot Bingsu!

Banana tree sg
Cute hand-painted deco on the wall!

Banana tree sg
I love this roof, makes the cafe look so bright! Good lighting for Instagramming, I guess?

More work

Went back to UTown today to discuss some work stuff with Jeannie. Passed by Tembusu and couldn't help but take a photo, hahaha seriously why am I such a sentimental person? I need to get a life.

UTown always looks so pretty when it's sunny.

Yep, first official week of summer is about to end. I am glad this summer is going to be really packed, so I won't end up lazing my three months away. The internships seem challenging, but how else will I grow if not faced with obstacles to overcome?

Looking forward to slogging it out for 8 hours at the FASS Open House this weekend, more catching up with friends, food outings and work!

Also, can somebody help me clean up my room, I am too sentimental to throw away all the bullshit that are taking up unnecessary space :\

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