Monday, 18 May 2015


Amidst the meet-ups with friends, work stuff and other random things, I am really treasuring the times when I have a whole day to myself.

This is probably the introverted side of me speaking, but I really love spending time alone. It is pure joy knowing that I can wake up any time I wish, and just laze my day away at home.

Finally had a day to myself today, so I'm feeling super shiok and am therefore happily blogging about it. It is even better because I get to be antisocial and rest at home after a day of smiling and talking non-stop at the FASS Open House.

Seriously, unhealthy snacks and Gossip Girl binge? SHIOK.

Okay, this is probably really boring because I am literally blogging about doing nothing much all day, heh.


Anyway, was at FASS Open House yesterday to talk to people about CNM and it was actually really fun! Most people were really nice to talk to and I really enjoyed some of the conversations I had.

I love it when people seem so genuinely interested in the course, and especially when they ask me for my personal opinion or experience since that is what I have the most authority to talk about. Some of them asked me why I chose this school and this major in particular, which modules I liked and why I enjoy studying in CNM.

At certain points, me and Jeannie got super enthusiastic with promoting the camps because we really enjoyed them so much and feel like we benefitted a lot from all the friends and helpful seniors we met there. 100% true story, bro.

Anyway, if you are a potential CNM freshie and happen to stumble upon this post, go check out the CNM Camp Facebook page!


Also, not sure what has gotten into me but I have had this urge to eat non-stop lately (and no it's not because of code red). Sometimes with the amount of junk food I eat and the random craving attacks, I feel like I have the appetite of a pregnant lady, sigh.

Watching the Tried and Tested video of Shu An's favourite snacks certainly did not help, because I am now itching to try the banoffee pie from Marks and Spencer. Went in search for it but it was sold out :( I also have this craving for the 7-eleven Hanjuku Eggs that I need to satisfy ASAP.

Well, at least I managed to try the Hokkaido 3.6% Milk today. Always wanted to try it and Haozhe's snapchat of this was the last straw. $2.10 for this, not a cheap gamble okay!

Hokkaido 3.6% milk
Tadah, my long-awaited Hokkaido Milk (why is the picture so blurry).

Everyone seemed to be raving about Hokkaido milk but I found it pretty normal?

To be fair, I have never liked fresh milk. I have this strange obsession with milk, but the milk I have in mind is always something really creamy and sweet, like how condensed milk or Milkcow tastes. I guess this explains why I am constantly disappointed whenever I attempt to drink fresh milk on its own.


Okay, this entry was typed out of boredom because it is 4am and I refuse to sleep even though I have work to do tomorrow. Instead, I am typing this while snacking on overpriced food from Marks and Spencer. Why do I always deny myself of sleep when there is no reason to do so? I am strange.

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