Monday, 25 May 2015

JB DAY TRIP (~˘▾˘)~

Went to Johor Bahru City Square on Saturday with the T4 batch mates! Spent the day mostly stuffing ourselves silly with food -- I approve!

Lunched at Arashi Shabu Shabu after being stuck at the causeway for about an hour. Affordable and nice Japanese hot pot, 我喜欢!I love soupy food, so hearty ^~^

My food was the least photogenic because it was just made up of a few ala carte dishes. I am too picky and didn't want all those vegetables that came with a set, so mine looks very plain and pathetic. Doesn't matter though, because I really liked the food! 

arashi shabu shabu city square jb johor bahru
Milk broth + NZ beef + fish ball + egg!

That milk broth was so creamy and milky. LOVE IT. People who are not crazy about milky food will probably find it weird though.

Watched Tomorrowland after that, and everyone seemed to dislike it except for me (are my expectations that low???) Dickson even fell asleep during the movie, hahahahaha. 

I guess the storyline might have several plot holes, but comparing a Disney movie with Interstellar would be rather unfair as well. Tomorrowland is targeted at kids and based on an attraction at Disneyland, surely they can't make things too complicated?

Overall, I thought it was an alright feel-good movie and I wouldn't mind paying that 18RM for a movie if it makes me happy :)

Decided on dinner at Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant and was pleasantly surprised by the affordable price yet again! I am #cheapandproudofit <( ̄︶ ̄)>

I ordered this set meal that has Nissin noodles with fried egg and ham + french toast + fried sausage + iced yuan yang, and I *think* (think only ah, don't blame me for wrong info) it costs less than SGD10. Super value for money can???

kim gary hong kong restaurant set D nissin noodles ham fried egg french toast yuan yang sausage
They judged me for ordering instant noodles :'(

Stomachs were on the verge of exploding because we finished lunch at 4pm and had dinner just a few hours later. Not like that is going to stop us from getting dessert though, soooo we had Baskin Robbins!

baskin robbins pralines and cream
Pralines and cream, my go to flavour :*

It is like a tradition to get BR ice cream each time I go to somewhere in Malaysia/Indonesia. All the Baskin Robbins overload at Genting, and that time in Batam. It is just more appealing when I am overseas, I don't even know why???

Anyway, presenting... the best travel buddies ever, who make any trip enjoyable no matter how near or otherwise boring it could have been ^_^

I look so fat in this photo I cannot take it omg fat tummy and unflattering angle (▰˘︹˘▰) 

I think this post sounded very boring, but I am ill and have a terrible headache so I don't care anymore, heh. If you bothered making through everything, I am touched and thoroughly impressed ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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