Friday, 22 May 2015


It is only the second official week of summer. I had no idea. Y2S2 feels like the distant past...

Anyway, the holidays have been treating me well so far! Meet-ups with friends and meetings for work, then nua-ing at home. Enjoying this chill life while I still can! (nuuu I refuse to enter adulthood and step into the working world no no no)

Dinner with Tim

Yay finally met Tim to catch up!

OH CRAP WE FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO TOGETHER. He was saying our photo at formal dinner wasn't very nice and that we should take one when we meet. All we took were photos with horse and duck masks on... oops.

Anyway, dinner at 49 Seats as suggested by yours truly :P

49 Seats tom yam seafood pasta cheese fries
Tom Yam Seafood Pasta, Chicken Chop (I think?) and Cheese Fries!

I hope the food was good enough! I always feel so stressed when I suggest the food place because it will be my fault if the food sucks and everyone hated their dining experience, heh.

Had Llaollao for dessert, although I think my Llaollao cravings have declined drastically. Good. Save money.

Llaollao medium raffaello caramelised cookies blueberry medium

Went to Tokyu Hands after that. Tokyu Hands one of the most entertaining shops ever. Seriously, the whole place was filled with interesting and sometimes strange finds.

Case in point: presenting to you... the Facial Fitness Pao!

I think this costs over $200?!!?!??!??? The lengths we would go to defy the ephemerality of beauty.

If all else fails, Tokyu Hands also sells face masks to hide your saggy ageing face. This one's great if you are going for a BFF animal farm theme.

tokyu hands horse duck mask
Old McDonald had a farm. Had.

Sorry for the blurry photo but my hooves were rather unstable.

Ooh, and I really love this pudding head thingythingy!

tokyu hands pudding head mask
SO CUTE LEH. Makes up for my lack of cuteness right?

Xin Wang with Daphy

Okay so a few days ago, it was 3am and I suddenly wanted the cream pasta from Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe so I whatsapped Daphy at 3am to jio her. And she replied immediately. Yay, nocturnal buddies ^_^

Xin Wang Hongkong cafe cream pasta luncheon meat
Cravings satisfied! u_u

I love their cream pasta! Cream-based pasta always tend to be too jelat, and I get sick of the food after half a plate, but the one at Xin Wang never sickens me. Also, the spaghetti today was cooked perfectly, not too undercooked or too mushy. Perfectly cooked noodles slithering around the cream sauce, yumz.

And then I was itching to try Nookie Yogurt the day before, so I dragged her along to buy it, heh. Thanks for accompanying me when my random cravings strike, he he.

Nookie yogurt red velvet parfait
Red Velvet Parfait, $6.90.

I like the presentation! They carefully sprinkled crumbs all over the yogurt, instead of those half-assed staff you sometimes get at Llaollao who dump a pathetic amount of sauce on one side of a drooping swirl of yogurt and call it a day. 

Still, photogenic food can rarely justify their price on looks alone. Taste-wise, this was pretty meh. Typical froyo, tart and slightly milky, nothing to scream about. I do enjoy the chocolate sauce though, the consistency was like thick chocolate fudge. I hate watery Hershey's chocolate syrup, ew

(I just realised: I had pasta + froyo two days in a row. Sheesh, no originality.)

Food aside, we spent the rest of the day trying out makeup from Etude House, Innisfree and Sephora. Oh man, all these temptations. I. MUST. RESIST. Always end up with a sparkly hand full of red smudges, teehee.

Dinner with Chris

Our post-finals meet-up! Dinner at Nam Nam Noodle Bar, although I think he finds their food inferior, ha ha high standards. Still, I SATISFIED MY NAMNAM CRAVINGS YAY.

nam nam noodle bar pho beef slices viet coffee with condensed milk iced
I don't care if it seems like kway teow soup, I love this.

Chris wanted eclairs, so we had dessert at Maison Kayser. We ordered the lychee, rose and raspberry eclair, which turned out to be quite a disappointment :(

maison kayser singapore lychee raspberry rose eclair
$4.50 worth of disappointment on a plate.

I had a terrible first impression because the presentation sucks. They just take the eclair and dump it on a boring plate (that looks suspiciously like the ones in Tembusu's dining hall). I guess I should have lowered my expectations.

The lychee taste was quite strong and overpowered the rose and raspberry, which sucks because I don't really like lychee. Okay, I think my bad review is mostly based on my own biased preferences.

Dessert round 2 was YiLi Paopao Ice! Got the milk and egg + peanut and oreo flavour. Hmm, nothing much to rave about leh? The milk and egg flavour was quite icy, peanut flavour had a thicker and creamier consistency and tasted like peanut butter. This was really average so I have nothing else to say about it.

yili paopao ice orchard central
Looks smaller than I expected. Okay what's with all my failed expectations today?

So... I went to town three days in a row, oh my. Every single holiday, I get so sick of town, ahaha. Singapore is getting quite boring. Can't wait for the JB trip this Saturday! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶


If you actually made it through the entire post (wow) or just happen to scroll past everything but see this, here are two links to entertain yourself with (am I using positive reinforcement to condition visitors to read my blog entries? Hahahahaha)!

I spent my whole night reading lots of random crap and so can you!

01. wtfevolution | Super cute and interesting tumblr account about evolution! It's actually educational, which I guess justifies the time wasted?

02. this girl's Carousell account | Her product descriptions are so genuine and humorously so, I ended up looking at every single item she is selling just to read them.

"1. dark denim ripped and frayed distressed highwaist $15 - 4 functional buttons. Sorry if you are wearing this and need to pee very badly." 


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