Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Back from another day of work-related meeting!

I must say, I am really quite enjoying this flexible hours thing, although I foresee a much busier schedule ahead in the near future. It's also really fulfilling when you get shit done and feel that sense of accomplishment (although we haven't accomplished much yet).

Anyway, this barista at the City Square Mall Coffee Bean outlet totally made my day today! I ordered a small double chocolate ice blended but when he gave me my drink, he said "you ordered a small but here's a regular for you!" Aww, so nice :)

Took a photo because this made me so happy I think I should document it.

I already had a very good impression of him because he was extremely cheerful when he took my order. I mean, cashiers and waiters might smile and be friendly but his was on a whole other level.

His chirpiness was even more impressive because he was actually quite busy, being the only staff there to take orders, make and serve the food/drinks. Must be quite exhausting, yet he seemed so energetic. Maybe he was secretly overdosing on coffee shots, I don't know where else he gets his energy from.

Jeannie was like "maybe he likes you" lol NO, he was really friendly to all the other customers as well! This lady asked for a refill for her coffee and requested for more hot water and he was all "sure sure no problem!!!" *smile smile* and so she was smiling too.

Unexpected nice gestures can really make someone's day :)

Oh, the bus driver I met yesterday was really nice too. He was actually greeting and smiling at every passenger boarding the bus. This was quite unexpected so I only realised when I walked past the driver's seat. Had to turn around to smile back at him cos of my lag reaction, heh. His job must be very tiring so the extra effort really means a lot!

Aww, so many nice people recently (^-^*)/

Not sure if I am more easily contented now, or if I just happen to chance upon more of such encounters lately.

Ooh, coming home to my Luxola delivery yesterday made my day too, hehe.

I love the design of Luxola bags!
Looks quite sad with only two products, but it made me happy so I decided to take a photo of it as well.

Bought the Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) and I am really satisfied with it! Wore it for 4-5 hours today and my face is relatively less oily, so yay to money well spent! It was supposed to be $59 but I used this coupon to get $20 off, he he he ;)

The other product was just this Wet 'n' Wild Glassy Gloss that I added to my cart to get free delivery, since it was one of the cheapest items ($5.86) available. It is cheap but turned out to be quite good!

I am becoming more superficial and vain, oh my. Buying so much makeup and feeling so happy about it, heh *hairflip*


Random thought: I wonder how many people are secretly stalking my blog, hmm.

It gets a bit scary, realising from the stats that people are actually scrolling through my posts, although I was the one who chose to post them and make this blog public anyway. Duh, Evelyn (¬_¬)

It is just a bit shocking when page views can spike up to 40+ on certain days because I am only expecting maybe 3. This is obviously nothing compared to all those bloggers out there but I treat this like my diary so 3 views per day is already very good, ha ha.

But then again, I am also a kaypoh who scrolls through people's blogs for fun so I can understand the appeal of this, no matter how boring my blog might be.

Maybe I am secretly stalking you too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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