Thursday, 9 April 2015


Tuesday was Tembusu's formal dinner! AKA The Day I Was Tall (thanks to my heels).

It was also my very last formal dinner in Tembusu... Sigh, I am always far too sentimental to let go of things. As much as I have been disgruntled and jaded with certain aspects of Tembusu, I know that Tembusu is a place like no other. 

I am so lucky to have experienced life living on campus and to have met all these Tembusians. From living the suite life to meeting my OG, occasionally interacting with Shan people during meals at the dining hall, or the random unexpected people I've known through Tembusu. Even acquaintances and more superficial interactions are precious because just a quick smile and "hello", or casual conversations in the lift, can improve my mood :)

Okay, enough of my sentimental rambling. Time for a photo spam!


(Photos acquired from everyone all over the place, heh, no idea who to credit but certainly not myself)

The rest didn't attend formal dinner, or couldn't be found :(
But yay photobooth with ze OG! And karaoke at Teoheng afterwards, whoop whoop!

The Suite Life of #07-163!


Don't know what on earth we were doing here...

...but it led to this weird photo.

And now for the individual photos I managed to take!

From being freshies in the same Tembusu OG to being neighbours in the suite!
Thanks for your very noisy alarm that the everyone can hear except for yourself, because it managed to wake me up during the times I snooze my own alarm and oversleep, ha ha ha.

Princess Andy, the 小妹 of our suite!
Forever so adorable and giggly and sometimes super crazy, heehee.
When we all leave the suite next sem, you shall become the 大姐! Aww, like some sort of handover :'(

Eunice who can actually sing well and sometimes performs for Treblemakers but always keeps it a secret from us.
Ha ha why so shy!!!

The very lovely and sometimes quirky suite mate who is also be my judgey buddy at times, heehee.
Always fun having random talks and complaining to each other about Vicky's whining and alarm :P
And I love it when you sing in the shower cos your voice is ahhhmazing!

Dawn, who lives up to her name by being the ray of sunshine in our suite and always waking me up in the morning!
If not for her, I probably would've missed another semester's worth of breakfast credits, oops.
And thanks for decorating the suite so nicely with random notes of encouragement!

Liana mama! Shan House Captain, pizza lover, honorary suite member and my macs buddy!
Thanks for always jio-ing me for macs supper, we are going to die young together.
Tim the Pimp! Hahahahaha.
One of the few people in Tembusu that I can truly truly talk to. Thanks for being one of the best friend I can ever ask for in Tembusu, because my Tembusu experience would probably suck if not for you! :')

From 1134 to CNNY to Woodlands buddy to Tembusu to CNM to probably future colleagues this summer!
So much fate, heehee.
Also another good friend I treasure, although I think I don't show it very much, oops :\

One of the people I've unexpectedly met in Tembusu, thanks to the Tioman trip!
'twas a lovely night nua-ing by the beach, drinking and talking under the stars with the random bunch of Tioman people!
Will always remember how you got tricked into revealing your secret, heh.

My go-to source of information whenever a fire alarm goes off in UTown, lol.
And then people always ask me why I'm so updated about UTown fire news, ha ha ha.

Had no idea Chris was from T4! Who knew I would meet a laolao in Tembusu, let alone Shan?
Thanks for writing cards with nice calligraphy font. For the very pretty fonts, I shall forgive you for getting my age wrong in my birthday card, heehee.
And of course, for sending random cute animal photos to cheer me up and being an ever-ready listening ear :)

Wah this Arts Project Director, too swag for formal wear.
Also another unexpected friend that I met at TOW 2014 cos we were both from CNM!
Supposed to be my NM2220 buddy last semester, but we didn't get the same tutorial slot and he never turned up for lecture, ha ha ha.

Okay, that's about all the photos I managed to collect! Shall update this post whenever new photos are uploaded!

I don't know why I'm typing personal dedications here, lulz. Maybe I will compile all these into a Facebook album and paste the dedications there, since I doubt most of them will read this! It's certainly easier to type dedications here since it's a more personal platform.

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