Friday, 27 March 2015

So stressed out over everything + having a headache. Decided to get Starbucks at 12mn as a pick me up.

I AM GOING TO MISS UTOWN SO MUCH. Where else can I take the lift down and walk a few steps to get Starbucks when it's past midnight? And when you are up all night studying, and you feel demoralised, you look around you and see that there are people awake in UTown studying as well, and you feel less alone. I don't know how I am going to cope with studying alone in my room, with no Starbucks when I need some form of encouragement, with no company when I need to feel less like I'm suffering alone.

Sigh, despite the many disappointments I've encountered with Tembusu, it is still a place I never want to leave. I cannot imagine life without Tembusu. This is too much to get used to :(

Okay, end of my random sentimental ramble. Back to work!

(In need of a Tembusu reflection post soon. Shall do that when I finally have some time to spare!)

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