Saturday, 14 March 2015



Had a really tiring but fulfilling 10 hours explaining to prospective students more about CNM!

NUS Communications and New Media CNm

10 hours of smiling and explaining and answering people's questions. NO JOKE LEH SERIOUSLY. Face is numb from the non-stop smiling, mouth is dry and cramping from the talking. I am just going to spam water, put on my resting bitch face and watch Gossip Girl or take a nap.

At the end of the day, all that effort was worth it. Being my usual rahrah self, I really like contributing back to whatever I join so I guess this is one way of contributing back to CNM!

Two years ago, I was just like them; I asked those exact same questions. What the hell is Communications and New Media? What's the difference between NUS Communications and New Media, and NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communications? What are the job prospects (because when you are choosing a major and everyone is making jokes about social science degrees being toilet papers, you get very worried about your future career although you haven't even entered university yet)? 

Not gonna talk about that on my blog since it would give the wrong impression that I have sufficient authority and expertise, so you can check out the NUS CNM page to find out more or check out our Facebook page if you want to contact us regarding any queries!


Looking back, I really had such a hard time deciding between all the schools and courses.

I was deciding between NTU and NUS, communications/social sciences and business. Eventually received offers from NTU business and NUS FASS.

I am so indecisive and such an overthinker that a lot a lot of thought process went into making my final choice of NUS, FASS, Communications and New Media.

1. NUS over NTU

I think I thrive where student life is vibrant. I loved the vibrancy in NYJC, and I decided I wanted to go to a school that seemed a lot more happening, which in my opinion was NUS.

Also, a huge bonus NUS had over NTU was the residential programmes! I wanted to join Tembusu soooo badly since I really loved the concept of living and learning in the same building with the same people. Since NTU only offered halls, one point goes to NUS!

2. FASS over Business

I think a part of me considered business only because I was flattered that my results allowed me to enter business courses, considering my usual bad results in JC. So, after a brief period of confusion, I had to dig deep within me and ask myself, why do I suddenly want a business degree? Am I actually interested in what the course has to offer? Would I really enjoy studying a business course? No. I was just flattered for a moment.

3. NUS vs NTU communications

NUS focuses more on new media, NTU focuses more on mass communications. This was the information I received when I attended the open houses and read up about it online. I think I was ultimately more interested in studying about new media, especially since knowledge about new media seemed more relevant than that of traditional media. That partly influenced me when I was deciding, *though I really have no idea how the course in NTU would be like since I haven't attended any before*

4. Communications and New Media (as opposed to other FASS majors)

All through secondary school, I thought I would want to major in Psychology since I found it so fascinating. And then I learned about communications courses and thought that seemed like fun as well. Then for a brief period of time as a freshie, I thought maybe CNM was not for me, and I would like sociology better. Such a confused kid, heehee.

Eventually decided that I might have a misconception of what psychology really is about, since it's not all fun and games and reading minds and psychoanalysing people like I thought was all I got to do. And then I took the introduction module for sociology and realised, holy crap I suck at this and I think I am just not cut out for it. 

On the other hand, the things I learned about in CNM were things I found interesting. I would stumble upon a random article online and be like "oohhh I learned about this in class/I can use this example in class!!!" I guess if I can be genuinely interested in the module's content even outside the classroom context, it would make the whole studying process a lot more bearable.


Aiya at the end of they day, really really ask yourself what is it that you want, and which environment you would thrive better in. Only you would know what's best for you :)

Aww, can't believe I am already halfway through my NUS life :( I want to be Forever Freshie, ha ha ha. 

Okay, enough of trying to recall my past experiences. I am sofaking tired that I am probably making no sense here anyway.

I slept for 15 hours, holymacaroni. I think the whole of this entry made no sense since I was desperately in need of some rest.


  1. Hello!!!
    I'm a Vietnamese student and I intend to apply for NUS (especially, I'm also interested in Psychology and Communication). Therefore, what you wrote made me impressed!
    I wonder whether you really have been studying at NUS? If yes, can I ask you questions about this university?
    I live in Vietnam so it iss quite hard for me to get related information fully. Can you help me, please? ^^

    1. Hello! Yep I am majoring in Communications and New Media at NUS. You can email/FB message me at :)

  2. I cant access ur 2017 tips thoooooooo. And haha I have the exact same offers as you, fass from nus and business from ntu and also ransacking my head about which to choose, but what you said really mde sense that I was just flattered, and maybe really worried about my job prospects so I think maybe I'll go into fass nus. But may I know more about like exams and stuff? My hold of english isnt too good, heck I received a C for gp and I'm terrified that all the essays will consume me whole, and that I wont do well for it. As an arts students, its alr not easy getting a job with a decent pay so i'm also aiming for honours and I'd like to ask if Its very very tough to get it? Also how are the essays like? Are they all full of flora and fauna with bombastic words or is it okay if I used relatively simplistic words to write out my essay instead. Also I'm worried if I entered fass and I couldnt enter cnm, so can I know how people can compete to enter the course, and Also I'd like to know more Bout the proffessors proficiency in teaching the subjects as well as the amount of group work compared to essays and basically every tip you have got for me. And last but not least, job prospects, and chances of course. I have so many doubts about FASS simply due to the stereotypes associated with it and hence I'm very hesitant to enter fass nus. So I'd like to know more about it from you. Thamk you so much for all your advice

    1. Hello! First of all, I can't really answer your questions 100% because it really depends on which major you choose and which modules you take.

      1) From my knowledge, as long as you can enter FASS and you take the exposure module for CNM, you can choose that as your major. There's no need to compete to enter CNM.

      2) I'm not sure about other majors but in CNM, you don't necessarily have to write in a bombastic way. For example, if you take public relations modules, the focus could be to write in a clear and concise way, and writing to suit your audience. E.g. if you are writing a Facebook post targeted at students, there's no point in using bombastic words.

      Even for essays, you can write in a simple way and still do well if you are straight to the point, have a strong argument and give relevant examples. In my opinion, using bombastic words is not the main concern.

      3) Your CAP has to be 3.2 out of 5 in order to do honours, which should be quite easy. The requirement used to be 3.5 out of 5.

      4) There's no guarantee about the professors because no matter where you go, there will be a fair share of good and bad.

      5) You can choose to take modules with more group work or with more essays, depending on your preference. It's impossible to avoid them completely, but don't worry too much cos we've all been through it and survived.

      6) Not too sure about job prospects because that would depend on the type of job you're looking for. For a start, you can look for internships while you're still in school. It gives you relevant work experience and helps you discover what jobs you like/dislike.

      Idk if I missed out of any other questions you might have, feel free to ask if you have anymore queries! :)