Monday, 23 March 2015


I haven't really suffered from Monday blues this semester, thanks to my awesome timetable that gives me a free day on Monday. But, projects and assignments are piling up and my overdue work is starting to catch up with me. School is getting more dreadful and stressful :(

I think I am feeling so overwhelmed because I am afraid of letting others down. Individual revision and assignments don't stress me out as much as group projects and commitment to CNM Society do. At least for my own work, I am obligated to only myself. I give myself much higher expectations when I know that others will be implicated as well, if I don't finish my part of the project on time or if I slack from my duties in the society.

My to-do list is starting to overflow and that is not good. So much overdue readings and lectures to catch up on.

Well, school hasn't been all bad lately. Went for Vox Flante (this concert organised by FASS) because Derek was performing so I decided to show some support! Somehow managed to convince 2 freshies from 2 separate OGs to go with me, haha. Thanks Haozhe and Clar for accompanying me :)

Clarissa is very happy with her 豆奶 ha ha ha.
Went for Xingxing's farewell after that, cos she's starting her hospital attachment and moved out of Tembusu a few days ago. Sigh, one of my closer friends in Tembusu, i iz sad :'( She's one of the people that made my Tembusu experience worthwhile despite the several disappointments I've encountered.

Okay, I've whined enough over here to feel a little better. Back to memorising my script for the group presentation on Tuesday. Really must thank my Guzheng days for improving my memory skills. All the times I had to memorise the scores for performances and guzheng exams sure paid off :)

Woke up on Monday morning to the news of LKY passing away. Well, for what it's worth, I hope he passed quickly and painlessly like he wanted. At 91, and with all his contributions and dedications over the many many years, I suppose it could also be more of a celebration of him than just a mourning of his passing.

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