Thursday, 12 March 2015


Life's been great recently, thanks to awesome groups of friends in school! E-learning sucks balls though >:(

Milkcow with Daphy

Finally settled our Honeycreme date! Although we ended up getting Milkcow instead of Honeycreme.

Mmmmm, honeycomb with vanilla soft serve! 
I think Milkcow beats Honeycreme in terms of value for money. Honeycreme's soft serve was rather icy and thin, considering how much they were charging me. Milkcow's ice cream was so much thicker and creamier. It's reeeeally milky though, like the ice version of 白兔奶糖! Can be a strength or a weakness, depending on your preference I guess.

A few years ago, I suddenly thought it would be a great idea to stir honey into milk, so I tried it but it tasted strange. The taste of Honeycreme/Milkcow is exactly the outcome I was hoping for, so yay for finally tasting what I had conjured in my weird weird brain!

Oh we had dinner at Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe too! Had this cream sauce pasta with scallops, which looked more impressive than it tasted :(

The pasta was good, cos their cream sauce pasta has always been amazing. BUT THE SCALLOPS. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. SEAFOOD WITH BAKED CHEESE, ONE OF THE BEST COMBINATIONS EVER. But the scallops were overcooked or something, and ended up being extremely dry and mushy and tasteless :(

Ooh I ended up dragging daphy around Plaza Sing to look at random makeup stuff and ended up spending money, sigh :(

Supper with T4

Met T4 for supper at Bedok 85 on Sunday! Time with T4 is always a good time (that is becoming my T4 motto or something, hehe).

Super thankful for this trusty bunch of friends. I was such a burden, in need of transport and portable charger, and lo and behold, they offered their help :)

Traveled from the west to the east for the company and not the food, so I barely ate anything since I was already full from dinner. Man, I'll be so sad when all the seniors graduate and leave NUS one by one... this is like Perks of Being A Wallflower when Charlie's friends had to leave. It's not like we meet up that frequently in school, but soon everyone will be too busy to meet for things like supper :\

Anyway, we were done eating and catching up but Weesiong didn't want to go home yet so we were thinking of places we can go and I suggested we hang out at the Tembusu games room. AND THEY AGREED, YESSSS. So we ended up playing pool, foosball, air hockey and dance central till it was about 3-4am.

And then a few of us sat down and continued talking a little more after we were done with the games room.
Just because.
Always enjoy hanging out and catching up with this bunch. Aaaahh I am dreading the moment when we all grow up and become too busy for this :(

Machiavelli's midnight supper adventures!

We planned to meet up and hang out on Tuesday night, but it somehow became an impromptu trip to Swee Choon. Being dumbdumbs, we completely forgot that Swee Choon closes on Tuesdays, so we ended up at the 24H Tim Ho Wan instead.

Yay to 24h dimsum places!

Stomach was about to burst from the suite steamboat previously, so all I ate was the char siew pau. Because they were too good to pass up on. Man, I'm craving for them now :(

The kind of tic-tac-toe I like to play.
So cute, when it was time to foot the bills, Zen and Haozhe started fighting over who got to pay. Me, Jiarui and Yunheng just sat there not knowing what to do, heh. Then they were both at the cashier pushing away each other's money or something. Ha ha ha gentlemanly freshies ^_^ It was quite expensive though, so we all paid them $10 each and they obliged.

And then we decided we were still wide awake and have space in our stomachs, so we went for round 2 -- beancurd!

While navigating the streets of Geylang in search of our beancurd, we accidentally turned into this lane filled with prostitutes and huge groups of what I am assuming are their clients. Not to sound too country bumpkin or anything, but it was quite shocking. I mean, I have always been aware that there are prostitutes in Singapore, especially at Geylang. I just never expected to be in the midst of such a crowd of them. We were in a car, so I guess things could've been more shocking.

After navigating through the lorongs of Geylang.
It's a tricky situation, turn into the wrong one and you get to eat 豆腐 instead of 豆花.

My cold beancurd with extra sugar... which, strangely, had a vague bird's nest taste o_o

Finally got back to Tembusu at 2-3am! Thanks to Zen, who drove from home to Tembusu, to fetch us from Tembusu to the supper places, then drive us back to Tembusu before finally driving back home. #1 好人 haha!


Okay, enough boring ramblings about my life, which must be quite a chore to read because I am basically transcribing what happened. It's not even worded very well, especially since I tend to blog right before sleeping, so my current 2am brain is not at its peak.

Anyway, e-learning sucks and I absolutely loathe class "discussions" in online forums, where people spam nonsense that do not value-add to the "discussions" just for the sake of earning participation marks and not because they truly have something useful to share. "Discussion" is a very loose term for what really goes on in those forums. Ugh.

My e-learning week seems busier than a normal school week, sigh. I bet most profs are doing this e-learning crap because they have no choice too.

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