Sunday, 22 March 2015


Started this list out of boredom a few weeks ago, and decided to complete it today out of boredom again.

I rarely like drawing attention to myself in such a shameless manner, so I'll just indulge in this brief moment of narcissism and all will be back to normal soon.

So, presenting to you...

Even putting this individual photo of myself makes me feel weird, heh.


"You major in Comms and New Media? No wonder you use Facebook so much." I have received this comment from at least three people so far.

Not a veggie lover. Don't you dare spam my laksa with beansprouts disguising as 粗米粉, I will pick out every single beansprout so that I can eat my noodles uninterrupted.

I am a nocturnal night owl who wishes to be a morning person. Trying but not quite there yet. (fyi, typing this at 5 in the morning because essay-writing got unbearable)

I wish I had better design skills, but I never really got around to learning Photoshop and am not artistically inclined in any other ways either. Which is why I always make images on for fun, because I can "design" (using that term really loosely here) without having any actual skills.

I need to take a chill pill. Seriously, I just simply have no chill.

I think I am probably the least cool person to ever walk this earth.

Sometimes I dislike how I laugh so loudly and crudely and get excited over the stupidest thing. Like I said, least cool person ever.

I admire people who can write in a clever, witty manner and wish I could effortlessly write like that as well.

I think I am too negative/cynical for my own good.

I have a strange interest in conspiracy theories (probably because I am so cynical), life in ancient times and all things related to extraterrestrial intelligence (I once chose to write about Active SETI as my essay topic, lol).

I sometimes get crazy paranoid about suffering symptoms of certain illnesses. I have done a fair bit of Google diagnosis for appendicitis, large intestine cancer, receding gum lines, diabetes and liver problems (I know, I'm a crazy paranoid bitch).

Never owned or played with a Barbie doll my whole life. As a child, I never saw the appeal and I guess my parents didn't think I needed one either.

My Instagram name is 'nutellagorilla' so people just keep associating me with Nutella. Received a jar of Nutella when playing Angel/Mortal in Tembusu, ha ha ha.

I dislike it when my posts have lots of narcissistic words like "I" and "me". So this whole narcissistic post is making me feel a little conscious.

I secretly love the idea of living a Gossip Girl life (live in New York, own nice clothes, looking put-together all the time, but minus the backstabbing and scheming).

When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer because I liked arguing and debating with people.

Then I decided I wanted to study Psychology because psychoanalysing people seems like fun.

I get awkward around adults, old people and kids. Basically anyone outside my age group.

I was a mean bitch when I was 13. Things got better after Secondary 1.

I know absolutely nothing about politics and I sometimes wish I was less apathetic. It's starting to get embarrassing just how little I know about the political scene in Singapore, let alone the rest of the world.


Congratulations! If you have read the entire post, you have just passed EVE1101e! 

I have no idea who would bother reading an entire post about my boring self, but I had fun reflecting on myself in a candid manner :)

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