Friday, 27 February 2015


I think I have been a little rigid with my blog so far; why can't I just post any random nonsense any time I want, right? So I guess that means more spam-ish entries (maybe this is why I need to be more structured with my blog - my spams can get out of control).

Because I have an essay to write and a test to study for, recounting my boring day seems a lot more interesting than usual. Procrastination ftw.


So, Thursday 26 Feb:

0800: woke up hoping to grab breakfast before heading for my interview, only to snooze about 10 times until it was 9:10am. Good job, eve.

0925: managed to reach the Arts campus early, so I bought iced Milo to fill my empty breakfast-less tummy. And got a phone call by the interviewer telling me she can't make it in time so guess what, no interview after all. I COULD'VE GOTTEN MORE SLEEP, DAMN IT. My day did not start off too well.

0940: made my way back to UTown for my project meeting.

1000: 开工!Started with our Potter Box report, got confused so many times, debated with one another so many times (and sometimes things got a little heated), made so many amendments, totally underestimated just how tedious a Potter Box analysis could be, damn.

1230: Got really excited when we finally saw the light on how to apply Aristotle's Golden Mean in our analysis. Then our conversation somehow sidetracked from: our experience with NM2219 > discussing certain profs > talking about taking honours > BTO and marriage > long-term relationships failing > wondering why we were somehow talking about relationships.

1500: lunch break + moved to my suite's living room to continue our discussion since we only booked the meeting room till 2pm.

1530: had lunch in the suite while talking about Carousell. I've never had good experiences with project mates so far, and I'm really glad to be with a group that can both discuss work as group mates and talk nonsense as friends!

1700: end of project discussion!

1800: met Rachel, YY and Shaun for dinner at the dining hall.

1900: heard that there will be a fire drill tonight so I escaped to the Mac Commons to study.

Sigh, life.
Still, I wish I could be a student forever. Can't believe I am reaching the end of my schooling journey :(

LOL creepy lifts during fire drills.
Fire drills = having to walk down the stairs since lifts aren't working + standing around clueless and doing nothing + having to take the stairs back up since the lifts will be far too crowded. Tembusu is a relatively small community; word gets around and everyone will somehow hear about the impending fire drill and evacuate in advance, heehee.

0000: decided I was done studying at the Mac Commons so I went back to my room.

0020: MY SUPPER DELIVERY HAS ARRIVED. YESSSS. Long time since I've ordered supper!

Spicy fish soup + teh chino from Ameens!
Bad lighting in my room, as always.
Okay my day has been so boring I think that's enough for now. Did anyone actually read the entire post? Oh my. If you did, I am sorry you had to go through all that and I also really appreciate your dedication!


I know that a few people do read my blog (like, really few, but good enough for me), although I can't accurately guess who they are. Overseas readers are easier to guess though, if it's based on people's exchange program location. This is certainly more readers than I expected (i.e. zero), although I really wonder why people would read my blog when I don't post anything beneficial and have such a boring writing style (and also a boring life but that goes without saying). Hmm.

If you know me personally and you actually read my blog, hello and no need to be a shy lurker, you can reveal yourself! I'll treat you a drink for making my day just by visiting! ^v^

I think people might associate a tiny bit of stigma to "stalking" people online, but I really don't see what is wrong with that. What is so terrible about someone visiting your Facebook profile and scrolling through your past statuses and photos when you agreed for them to be shared on a platform with such wide reach anyway? It's like someone distributing his/her resume to employers and accusing the employers of being stalkers simply by going through the resume...? Is that even a valid analogy? Idk, it's three in the morning and my brain is not functioning well (as if it ever functions well).

Similarly, I knowingly post these blog entries and I chose not to make my blog private, so there's really nothing wrong with reading my blog. I don't see it as snooping, and I don't see why "stalking" someone in a completely harmless manner should be considered shameful. I mean, if you are just looking around out of curiosity then no harm done. It only gets creepy when you are trying to dig out information for creepy or sinister motives.

tl;dr of this whole blog entry: my life is boring + I am surprised to have readers + hello to any readers out there, I love you and no need to be shy! :D

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