Sunday, 15 February 2015


Midterms and assignment deadlines are looming ahead :(

I am getting really bored and distracted with studying for my ethics test, so here's a quick blog update instead!

07-163 ready for Chinese New Year!

Dawn eagerly showed us the CNY decorations she bought and they were so cute!

So many goat puns everywhere since it's the year of the goat. I cannot stand the ones that try to be puns but were nowhere near (LOL IKEA's Goat Xi Fa Cai... seriously?!). This was hilarious though, ha ha ha ha ha. Good job, Breadtalk.

Lunch with Mabel

We wanted to eat at Sunday Folks but they were closed on Mondays :'( Ended up eating at D' Good Cafe instead.

Bangers and Mash.
$12 for 2 sausages and some mashed potatoes. I find it ovepriced.
Threaded my eyebrows while Mabel watched intently, LOL I have the weirdest friends (but we are good friends cos we are both weirdos, awww). I think the Rupinis outlet at Holland V does a way better job at threading my brows than the outlet at Midpoint Orchard! Plus it's next to Plain Vanilla, so bonus points for that!

Meeting up with Mabel always leads to talking about the most random things ever. Probably the foundation of our friendship, hee.

Valentine's day

Much love for the suitemates for the flower and chocolates and notes! Vicky actually got us all a rose, OMG so shocked but so touched! Mine is now in a Pokka bottle.

We had a suite picnic on Saturday morning while watching ICG Frisbee!

Sandwich with Lotus cookie butter, ham and cheese sandwich, brownies, fruit juice, Roller Coaster and red velvet cake!

And then I got fascinated by the ants carrying crumbs. Tsk, easily amused.

Aaaand the rest of the weekends were/will be spent studying for Tuesday's test, sigh.
Back to work! (Or rather, back to trying to study while constantly switching between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

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