Monday, 2 March 2015


It's week 7 of school, which also means mid-terms are here. I think that calls for some injection of cuteness into our lives!

01. THIS. I never knew Pokemon could reach such levels of cuteness. I was not expecting this much cuteness when I clicked on the link. I want one. I want them all. Felt pokemon use cute. It's super effective!

02. Because what's cuter than a baby? A baby wrapped in a burrito blanket. Combining cute babies and food. Best of both worlds.

03. And why stop at babies? Wrap all other living creatures up like a burrito too.

04. Illustrations of children's photos. Not exactly the *squeeee it's so cute I want to hyperventilate* type of cuteness but still cute nonetheless.


May this cure your Monday blues! ^v^

P.S. seriously, just look at that tiny felt Totoro. How to feel sad when you're looking at it?! CANNOT RESIST.

P.P.S oh and since the lagger says she reads my blog... HELLO DAPHY 你好! ^v^

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