Sunday, 11 January 2015


I've been readings lots of random shit lately (books, blogs, reddit threads) since I have plenty of time to kill during the holidays, so I decided I should note down the things that I really enjoyed reading for future reference (and you can cure your boredom too, yay).

random reads
I've also been learning to design random crap with

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately ever since I started using Bloglovin. It's like an Instagram for blogs! So I constantly have new blog entries to read, or blogs to discover.

01. The Blog Market | I was so happy to find this January calendar wallpaper! Currently using it ^v^

02. The Nectar Collective | I like her writing style and this post about why we should turn off our phones in the day (I realised I'm starting to grow tired and annoyed with social media, although I turn to it all the time when I'm bored, sigh, such conflicting feelings). There's also this super duper easy peasy photoshop tutorial, which I used to make my profile photo for the blog and a random wallpaper!

think positive wallpaper
Okay, the colours do not match well (which is actually driving me crazy when I look at it) but I just wanted to try it out, so here's the end result!
The gold foil doesn't look shiny enough for my liking though.
03. Lhu Wen Kai | This supermarket expose by a local blogger which is a topic I've always found fascinating. I used to read up on how casinos in Las Vegas are designed such that you will stay there and gamble longer (which means more $cha-ching$ for them).

04. The Oatmeal How to suck at your own religion. Some food for thought.

05. Cupcake Project |  Home-made saltwater taffy! I want to try this one day, always wanted to know how taffy tastes!


That's all for now!

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