Friday, 9 January 2015


Sometimes I question myself for starting this blog, especially when I feel silly blogging without an audience (or at least I don't know of anyone who bothers reading my blog). It's like I'm talking to myself, y'know? But ultimately, I started this blog for myself so I guess I should stop feeling stupid for blogging without an audience.

I started this blog partly out of boredom and partly to have an outlet where I can constantly write and improve my writing, although I don't much of a life to blog about, neither do I have a niche topic to talk about. I mean, I'm not going to give beauty or fashion advice (lol), review food or talk about technology/gadgets or something, which seems to be all people blog about these days. But if I only blog about my personal mundane day-to-day life then it gets too informal and boring for me to bother blogging. Hmm...

I wonder if this would work, but I guess constantly writing something, anything, is better than doing nothing to improve, right? I definitely have a lot to improve on, that's for sure. When I type things out, I pretend to have an audience so that I remember to keep myself in check and to be conscious of my writing.

I need to be more descriptive than "I like it" and "it is nice/interesting/funny". SO MANY WORDS IN THE ENGLISH DICTIONARY, EXPAND YOUR VOCABULARY FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

And I need to learn to be more concise! I have always been really longwinded, and I didn't care back when I was just blogging nonsense in my old blogs, but it's something I really need to improve on (see, I keep using the word 'improve' over and over, I need to change it up). I noticed this especially after taking NM2220 Introduction to Media Writing, where being concise is really important since it's about writing news articles and press releases. Oh and I always had a problem using more colourful/descriptive terms to make my articles sound interesting, so yep, time to spice up my writing (a-ha! I changed the word 'improve' to 'spice up')!

Especially now that I'm still quite free, I will go back to proofread my blog entries, edit any spelling/grammatical errors, try to make it more concise, change boring words to something more descriptive or informative, etc. Sounds quite nerdy, I suppose? Ha ha, but I guess there's no harm trying to improve my writing, so why not?

I've also been using Canva to learn to design random crap, hence the many random pictures with words on my blog, so having this blog also gives me an outlet and a reason to actually create/design something. Well, I wanted to learn Photoshop initially but I'm not too sure where to begin, although I've watched a few tutorial videos so far. Canva is much simpler, plus they have lots of useful design tips and pre-made layouts that serve as great inspiration! I am definitely a beginner, but no harm trying to brush up on my skills! You never know when it'll come in handy. Anyway, designing random things (see, I keep using the word 'random' as well) on Canva keeps me entertained and gives me a slight sense of accomplishment, so yay! Since I am terrible at handlettering, I shall resort to the digital methods instead :)

round and round he walked, and so learned a very valuable thing: that no emotion is the final one.
Made this on Canva yesterday because I stumbled upon this quote from Oranges that I really liked!

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